With the introduction of the Nvidia RTX 3060, users started waiting for the Founders Edition card based on the render image of the new model. The company will direct those who want to acquire RTX 3060 to their business partners.

RTX 3060, rising on the GA106, surprised hardware lovers with its high memory capacity. Bad news came to those who were waiting for RTX 3060 Founders Edition.

RTX 3060 Founders Edition will not arrive
According to the latest report, Nvidia RTX 3060 Founders Edition is not planned. However, it was thought that Nvidia would present a reference design model according to the render image it shared in the presentation. Moreover, unlike the card that does not have a power input in the render image, RTX 3060 requires additional power input with its 170-watt TGP.

Therefore, those who want to acquire RTX 3060 should turn to Nvidia’s business partners. The RTX 3060, which will be available with a price tag of $ 329, will take its place on the shelves towards the end of next February.

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