Nvidia’s graphics card, which has not fallen out of language in recent weeks, will be available today. Although the model is currently second hand, this time it is officially on sale.

The new member of the RTX 30 family, the RTX 3060 will be on the shelves approximately 3 months after its older brother, the RTX 3060 Ti, is available for sale.

RTX 3060 begins to take its place on the shelves
Rising on the GA106 GPU, the card carries 3584 CUDA cores. The GPU, which will serve in the 1320-1777 MHz range, comes with 112 Tensor cores and 28 Ray Tracing units.

While the bandwidth of 360 GB / s will be reached on the card with 12 GB capacity GDDR6 memory at 15 Gbps, GPU-VRAM communication will be provided over a 192-bit interface.

The model that will serve within the 170 watt TGP budget is also the first option in the Ampere family with Resizable BAR support. It should be noted that with the BIOS update in the upcoming period, all RTX 30 series cards will support the new feature.


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