According to an image with its alleged specifications, the Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti would have a total power of 23 teraFLOPS, truly a monster.

According to an image with its alleged characteristics, the Nvidia RTX 3080 will be able to reach the monstrous power of 23 teraFLOPS. If true, the 10.28 teraFLOPS of the PS5 and the 12 teraFLOPS of the Xbox Series X, that is the maximum declared power of the two new generation consoles, would be practically old stuff, metaphorically speaking.

As always in these cases, we invite you to take the news for what it is, that is, an unconfirmed rumor. So to know how powerful the new Nvidia graphics chips will actually be, you have to wait for the hardware manufacturer to declare it.

Of course, the various rumors that have followed in recent days have outlined a very clear picture: the new RTX will be the top on the market. Just today we talked about how a 3080 could exceed a very expensive TITAN RTX by 22%.

The only certainty for now is that there are three variants in progress, code calls SKU 10, 20 and 30. SKU 10 is the GA102-200 GPU, SKU 20 is the GA102-300 GPU and SKU30 is the GA102-400 GPU . We honestly don’t know how much the new Nvidia cards will cost. Imagine not a little given the very expensive prices of the previous ones. Power is important, but if they cost more than ÔéČ 1,000 again they will not be within everyone’s reach.


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