NVIDIA RTX Voice now provides official support for graphics cards from the GTX 600 series.NVIDIA RTX Voice, which was first announced on RTX 20 series graphics cards and shared functions in the RTX 30 series, has now been patched so that it can be used from Kepler-based GTX 600 series cards.

According to Tom’s Hardware, RTX Voice is a feature that works using artifacts to improve audio communication by removing unwanted background noise. NVIDIA says RTX Voice only takes advantage of Tensor Cores found on RTX cards. Although it is a feature exclusive to RTX cards, after the release of RTX Voice, a simple method was found that allows RTX Voice to run on Windows 7 systems and non-RTX cards. It took some time for official support from NVIDIA to arrive. The fact that the name of the application carries the expression RTX is actually a bit misleading.

RTX Voice, on the other hand, has become obsolete with the release of its successor, RTX Broadcast. On the other hand, RTX Broadcast is exclusive to RTX cards. In other words, those who do not have RTX will only be able to use RTX Voice. RTX Broadcast combines RTX Voice with a customization feature for webcams that allow virtual backgrounds while broadcast.


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