NVIDIA, which continues its works for the new Ampere graphics cards, will probably promote the cards on May 14. The new Ampere graphics cards, which will go through the 7 nm production process, promise a huge increase in performance. While the cards are expected to be introduced with the GTC 2020 event, their release may find mid-summer. According to the latest reports, NVIDIA has started preparations for 5 nm graphics cards.

NVIDIA signs agreement with Samsung to manufacture 5 nm graphics cards
As Ampere graphics cards continued to be developed, one of the curious questions was which firm was agreed with for chip production. Although the partnership between TSMC and NVIDIA has been going on for many years, Samsung has been offering better offers during the 7 nm EUV process. However, NVIDIA has decided to use TSMC-produced 7 nm chips on the new Ampere graphics cards.

Following the Ampere series, NVIDIA has rolled up its sleeves for 5 nm graphics cards. This time, Samsung has agreed with Samsung for the production of new Hopper graphics cards. The cards are expected to have 5 nm EUV production. Samsung has announced that it will start 5 nm chip production in the second quarter of 2020. Samsung is not the only company that started producing 5 nm. AMD has agreed with TSMC for 5th generation Ryzen processors and Radeon graphics cards.

It is expected that there will be a big performance difference between RTX 2000 series based on Turing architecture and Ampere series. However, the performance gap between the Ampere series and the Hopper series is expected to be less.

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