Microsoft Lens meets users with its new look and capabilities.Microsoft will now use a new name for the scanning application Office Lens. Microsoft Lens, which will now appear with the new Fluent Design icon, of course also gains new functions.

First of all, Microsoft has added new smart features to the camera UI such as Image-to-Text, Image-to-Table, Image-to-Contact, Immersive Reader, and QR Code Scan. When we look at the names of all of these features, we can say that they are quite descriptive. You may even find that some of these features are already available in places like the unified Office mobile app. In fact, you don’t even need to have the Lens app to use some of these features.

Microsoft also improves the scanning experience with new capabilities when scanning multi-page documents, such as reordering pages, rearranging PDF scans, filtering each image in the document, and the ability to scan both image files or PDF files up to 100 pages. Switching between local and cloud locations and distinguishing which files are saved to cloud or local is also made easy.

The update will be available to Android users first and will arrive on the iOS platform in the coming months. For Windows users, let’s remind you that Office Lens is discontinued at the end of 2020.


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