Uncertainties began to occur in all sectors due to the Corona virus. After the emergence of delays in the production of iPhone 12, users wonder whether the promotion of their phones from other brands will be postponed. A statement came from Samsung for Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2.

Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2 arrive in the second half of the year!
The South Korean technology giant confirmed that the Note 20 series and Galaxy Fold 2 will be released in the second half of this year in the first quarter financial report of 2020, covering the period January to March. New members of the Note series are introduced every year in August and delivered to users in the same month.

Similarly, while it is expected to be introduced in August this year, it remains unknown at the moment whether there is a hitch in the production line and suppliers.

Galaxy Fold 2 is thought to be introduced in the same way in August. Samsung, which has made a very bad entry to the foldable phone market due to the screen breaking problem that occurs in Galaxy Fold, is currently responding to the foldable phone request with Galaxy Z Flip. However, the innovations that will be presented with Galaxy Fold 2 are quite curious.

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