Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has officially confirmed that the soon-to-be introduced Xiaomi Mi 11 will not come with a charger. Apple’s decision to remove the charger from the box is being adopted by other manufacturers.

It was said that after Apple, Samsung would remove the charger from the box of its next flagship phone. It has now been officially confirmed that another giant manufacturer will join this list.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun announced that the Mi 11, which will be introduced next week, will not have a charger in the box, the smartphone will only come with a USB Type-C cable.

Here is the slim Xiaomi Mi 11 box
The experienced manager also shared the image of the Xiaomi Mi 11 box. Since there is no charger in the box, the thickness has decreased significantly. We can even say that it is as thin as the iPhone 12 box.

Lei Jun stated that they are aware that this decision may not be understood by consumers, or even criticized. He also asked if there was a good solution for “protecting the environment”.

“Xiaomi’s approach will be different from Apple”
Ice Universe, one of the reliable sources of information in the mobile industry, said that consumers should not panic because Xiaomi’s approach to this issue will be different from Apple.

It is not known what approach the Chinese company will take with regard to the charger. He may be planning to offer an optional standard charger and a more powerful power adapter for a fee. In any case, we will learn all the details on December 28th, just two days later.

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