Known as one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, OKCoin transferred two important names from and Coinbase.

Global crypto exchange OKCoin; Haider Rafique, former development chairman of, and Megan Monroe-Coleman, one of Coinbase’s previous executives, incorporated two new names.

While Megan Monroe-Coleman stepped into the company’s global compliance manager, Haider Rafique took on the role of global chief marketing officer.

OKCoin Expands
OKCoin has made many expansion efforts in 2020 so far. At the beginning of March, the stock exchange put the former Goldman Sach employee, Hong Fang, as CEO. At the same time, the former CEO of the institution was appointed to an administrative post.

OKCoin, headquartered in San Francisco, gained FinCEN legal license while proceeding with state-specific approvals. OKCoin is now pumping money into crypto trading for 184 countries on a global scale.

Addressing the world’s second largest cryptocurrency trading population, OKCoin gained an updated license in Japan about two months ago. This license allows the stock exchange to start trading in July. Updates were about recent changes in Japan’s legal requirements.

USA Leaders in Finance
Returning to America, Monroe-Coleman said, “The USA is of course the leading market for financial institutions and services. said. OKCoin plans to increase cryptocurrency space participation, partly through fiat currency options and access to the stock market.

Nonetheless, Monroe-Coleman said that the crypto space has significant growth potential and pointed out OKCoin for more people to get involved.

With a few days remaining in the Bitcoin split, Rafique OKCoin said in team analysis internet searches and social analytics-based comments: “In the context of monetary relaxation and related keywords, we see a new wave of investors trying to learn about ‘Bitcoin splitting.’”

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“It’s fascinating that the third Bitcoin half-off takes place at this time. This could be a coercion mechanism that drives new investors into crypto markets. ”

As the crypto space expands, OKCoin inspires other countries in fiat crypto exchange offers and expansion. For example, India recently opened a new fiat exchange after the country lifted its ban on digital assets.


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