Apple’s iOS 15 update will even come to the iPhone 6s. However, some features will unfortunately not be used in older models.


The iOS 15 update, introduced at the WWDC 21 event, was acclaimed for bringing a number of innovations. It has emerged that Apple, which excited everyone by announcing that it will offer an update even to the iPhone 6s model, will not offer its old models today. Old iPhone models will be deprived of some not very effective features due to the technology they contain. So what are those features?

According to Apple’s statements, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and the first generation iPhone SE models will not be able to use the following features. In fact, some features will be exclusive to the iPhone 12 family only. This is because, as we just mentioned, it is shown that new features do not work with old hardware.

Spatial audio of FaceTime: It can distinguish the voice position of the other party during a FaceTime call, just like in a face-to-face call.

FaceTime’s portrait mode: You can blur the background during a FaceTime call to help the other party focus on the person.

Map: Interactive 3D functionality and immersive walking navigation. In China, this app will not be available, but the Gaode map will be.

Quick search for pictures: Similar to the scan function, you can extract texts and phone calls from the photo, just tap the picture to extract the text and paste the search.

New weather animation background: Various new weather animations, you can view the position of the sun, clouds and precipitation.

Local voice processing on the device: In iOS 15, voice recognition can be performed locally on the iPhone device without a network connection;
Keys in Wallet App. You can add house keys, hotel keys, office keys and car keys to your mobile.

Spatial audio with head tracking: AirPods Pro and AirPods Max users can experience a more immersive Dolby Atmos experience. This feature will work on iPhone 7 series and above.

Walking stability detection: It can detect the user’s walking stability and alarm in case of accidental fall. This feature will work on iPhone 8 series and above.

These iOS 15 features are exclusive to the iPhone 12 series only

Panoramic photos: Panoramic photos of the iPhone 12 series have better geometric distortion. This will help better capture moving objects and reduce image noise;

Enhanced 5G connectivity: Faster 5G connectivity, enhanced app and system experience exclusive to iPhone 12.

5G takes priority over WiFi: When the user’s WiFi network is slow, iPhone 12 series can automatically switch to 5G network.


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