OmniVision, which is in a successful position in sensor production, is preparing to break new ground in automotive imaging systems. The new sensor of the company, OX03C10 ASIL-C, will be the first in the world with its features. The introduction of the sensor will take place on 12 June.

Do you know how the cameras used in new model vehicles work? Image sensors are one of the most important elements that enable these cameras to function. OmniVision Technologies, one of the sensor manufacturers, seems determined to take these cameras one step further with its new image sensor. The features of the sensor called OX03C10 ASIL-C will be the first in the world.

Minimizing moving object size in imaging applications, the sensor combines 3.0 micron pixel size with HDR AND LFM performance. According to the company, this new sensor is the first imaging sensor to offer 1920 x 1280p resolution at 60 FPS. In addition, the OX03C10 has the lowest power consumption among the LFM sensors that offer 2.5 MP resolution.

The new sensor increases the usage area of ​​the cameras:

Thanks to its small size, the sensor makes it possible to place cameras operating at 60 FPS continuously in even the tightest of spaces. Besides the basic image processing feature, imperfect pixel and lens correction are also integrated into the sensor. OmniVision’s HALE (HDR and LFM engine) combination algorithm allows the sensor to deliver LFM and HDR performance simultaneously.

OX03C10; It provides image quality to automotive imaging applications consisting of rear view cameras, perimeter imaging systems, camera tracking systems and virtual mirrors. In addition, OmniVision’s PureCelPlus-S architecture provides more pixel performance advantages than others. For example, 3D stack provides OmniVision’s performance in existing pixels and darkness.

The OX03C10, which is planned to have AEC-Q100 certification in both a-CSP and a-BGA packages, will be unveiled at AutoSensONLINE’s virtual demo session on June 12, at 17.40. You can register here to join the session, where tickets are free.

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