The OmniVision OV50A sensor can offer 100 percent phase detection using a 2×2 pixel area. Thus, much better focusing and video can be made in dark environments.

We see that recently developed smartphone cameras focus on high resolution or optical zoom. OmniVision, on the other hand, aims to increase sensitivity by making auto focus better.

What does OmniVision OV50A offer?
The OmniVision OV50A sensor is the company’s first sensor that offers a 100 percent phase detection area. Quad phase detection – QDP technology focuses by collecting data from all pixels in the form of 2×2. Sony also uses this technique. Samsung collects data from two pixels.

Thanks to the quadruple pixel detection, better auto focus can be achieved, especially in dark environments. The system, which also improves the distance measurement, achieves better results in blur effects. On-chip fusing technology helps improve image quality.

The size of the sensor with 12.5MP resolution is 1 / 1.55 inches. The 1 micron pixel size sensor can be combined with 2 micron pixel sized sensors to increase the sensitivity 4 times. 8K 30fps, 4K 90fps and Full HD 240fps slow motion is possible with QDP on.

The OV50A sensor, which can be used as the main sensor and ultra-wide sensor, has other features such as 2x digital zoom, low noise in bright environments, 2 and 3 shutter-stage HDR and 10-bit RGB RAW support. Volume production of the sensor will begin in the summer.


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