With two control balls and a mini joystick, as well as 6 different programmable keys, the Knuckles-5 controller aims to control the Drone using one hand.

Drone controllers are currently developed in a style that can be used with two hands and this is considered a traditional design. Some initiatives are developing different projects to take control of the drone in one hand. Knuckles-5 is one of them.

What is Knuckles-5?
The Knuckles-5 controller, which will appear at the CES 2021 virtual fair, looks like a single-handed joystick. The initiative has created a comprehensive control mechanism by placing as many keys as possible into this design.

The entrepreneurship controllers created by experienced people in the drone industry are aimed at pilots who want to use it with one hand or who have to use it with one hand. Knuckles-5 was the result of this goal.

The controller has two separate control balls for thumb and index finger. These balls can control two axes and are clickable. In the middle of it, there is a mini joystick that controls two axes. Below is another button that changes the modes of these keys.

There are 3 keys in the lower part that the thumb can reach. The function can be assigned according to the shape of the key at both ends or in the middle. In an area where other fingers can reach, there are also 3 keys. In addition, 2 axes can be controlled according to the movement of the controller.

When all keys are programmed, a control mechanism with a total of 19 axes or 40 keys can be created. At the top is a tiny LCD screen that gives some information about the drone.

The Knuckles-5 controller will be available at the end of the year at the earliest after making an appearance at the CES 2021 fair. The startup is considering a price tag of $ 250- $ 300. Prototype works are still continuing successfully. The product will also be able to adapt to games.

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