One Piece is about to reach its thousandth chapter, so it is not uncommon for fans to start wondering about the possible end of the saga.



On several occasions they have mentioned that it is very close, even Eiichiro Oda himself claimed to have some four or five more considerate years, although it is not something definitive.

After much speculation, the creator of One Piece spoke again about the possible end of his work, and it is probably not something very hopeful.

The adventures of Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew still seem to have a lot to show for them; However, little by little we inevitably approach the end.

In a recent interview, Eiichiro Oda spoke with the creator of Rurouni Kenshin about the future of One Piece and if it was real that it would end in five or six years, and although he did not give a concrete answer, he showed that he already thinks about giving it. end.

The mangaka only replied that no person should continue to write manga after 40 years, so he falls into the category.

In a few years we could see him as the new king of pirates.
Eiichiro Oda’s vague answer leaves us nothing clear about how long One Piece has left to live, although there are some clues.

An editor of the play at one point stated that the series should end shortly after the Wano arc, and in response, the creator assured that he has it contemplated but that he could not be sure when it will happen.

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One Piece has a strange magic that keeps forcing Oda to return again and again; however, we must mentalize ourselves and assume that Luffy’s adventures will not last forever.

With the 1000th chapter approaching, do you think this story is already worn out or that it still has more to show?

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