One-Punch Man News: Anime producer Atsushi Fujishiro confessed this in a recent interview with Gigguk.


Gigguk’s channel is made to promote Japanese culture, especially anime. And, he recently uploaded a video titled I went to a Real anime Studio in Japan. In this video he interviewed producer Atsushi Fujishiro, a producer at J.C. Staff who confessed some details of the industry.

Some of the adaptations for which he has been recognized are One Punch Man, Nodame Cantabile and Shokugeki no Soma. So, the importance of him within the anime industry is undeniable. Atsushi Fujishiro shared some of the opinions his studio has regarding his western fans.

The anime does recognize its fans outside of Japan

This Gigguk interview ‘I went to a Real Anime Studio in Japan’ went viral on Twitter, thanks to a person from the Philippines sharing the following quote on his network:

“While we recognize fans outside of Japan, we generally don’t make changes to their liking.”

This opinion was the most shared among anime fans, as well as Gigguk. So for the short time there will be no J.C. Staff that are censored to suit a western audience.

Currently, this tweet has already exceeded 60,000 likes. And, the original video has been moderately successful.


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