As is known, user data is used in many applications. Finally, while Facebook’s processing of users’ data with WhatsApp comes to the agenda, the famous messaging application continues to have a hard time nowadays. Finally, WhatsApp, which lost most of its users to other messaging applications such as Telegram, received an update the other day. After the messaging app that coveted user data, a scandal came from the Apple front. Even if you delete iOS 14 apps from devices, your data is still stored.



User data, which has become the biggest problem of today, can be used by many applications. Our location, call log, internet and many more data are used by mobile applications. We allow some of these, and some of them are leaked with various virus software. A new detail has emerged today. Even if you delete apps from iPhone phones, some of your information may be kept.

iOS 14 Apps Keep Data

A Reddit user drew attention with his post. The user mentioned that even though he deleted the apps from his iPhone with iOS 14, the data was still stored. Stating that user data is still being stored even though he removed the applications, the user did not neglect to warn other users with a long post explaining this situation.

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If we talk about the details of the sharing, the user saw that their existing data was re-processed when they deleted and reinstalled the applications. In other words, a lot of information that applications used once became exactly valid for new installations. Users will appear to have stored data outside of iCloud, and their information will be used silently.

Let’s not forget that Apple recently presented the 14.5 beta update to its users. Updating makes devices more secure.


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