OnePlus, which presents different phone models from each other, offers a perfect experience to both players and users who watch TV series with giant screens. The company, which brings long-lasting experiences on giant screens, seems to bring the market to the top with dozens of different phone models in the coming period. The phone model, which also receives frequent updates, is also closely following the technology. OnePlus 8 has become even more secure with the OxygenOS update.



Regular updates continue to take place on smartphones one by one. On the one hand Xiaomi, on the other hand, Samsung and now OnePlus release updates continuously, providing a safer experience to its users. The OnePlus 8 series, which wreaked havoc in our country with its price, also got better with its new update.

The OxygenOS update, which is now available for download, brings along a few new changes, as well as many fixes in smartphone models. While the new update, announced as the security patch for January, is available to users worldwide, attention is also drawn to the vulnerabilities that the update closed. The update, which will also be accessible to our country’s users, has managed to receive positive feedback so far.

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OnePlus 8 OxygenOS Features

  • The screenshot feature has been optimized and got better.
  • The UI display effect of the notification bar has been improved.
  • The freezing problem in Twitter has been eliminated.
  • The application was prevented from opening in the split screen.
  • The problem that caused some numbers to display incorrectly on the screen has been completely eliminated.
  • Many known issues have been fixed and system stability has been improved.
  • The issue that caused the videos not to play has also been eliminated.
  • Finally, the problem of noise in 5G calls has been resolved.


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