What kind of result does the OnePlus 8T show on the front camera side? Let’s take a look at the front camera details of the last OnePlus phone in DxOMark’s hand.



DxOMark was released as a result of the front camera performance of the OnePlus 8T model. The 8T will probably be the last phone DxOMark reviewed. OnePlus’s top manager, Liu Zuohu, said in a statement last day that they will not send the OnePlus 9 series phones to the DxOMark lab for testing. The reason for this decision is among the incoming information that the evaluations made for OPPO and OnePlus phones. Finally, the rear camera score for the Galaxy S21 Ultra was considered a complete scandal.

OnePlus 8T front camera score released

The front camera of DxOMark 8T gave 80 points for photo quality and 84 points for video quality. OnePlus8T, which scored an average of 82 points, did not even manage to enter the top 30 in the front camera scoring ranking. In fact, the phone did even worse than the Galaxy A71. The phone has a 16-megapixel resolution camera with f / 2.4 aperture. This sensor with a size of 3.06 ″ is capable of recording Full HD 30fps video.

Let’s talk about the outline of DxOMark’s review of the front camera of the phone. The camera has a good level of detail at close range. The camera, which makes good noise control and correct subject selection both indoors and outdoors, also provides a soft bokeh effect.

In addition, it is seen that the depth of field is shallow at medium and long distances due to the fixed focus lens. The camera has a limited dynamic range, which sometimes causes imperfections in faces. The 8T’s camera has problems with skin tones in low light and sometimes in sufficient light indoors / outdoors.


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