After the introduction of its sister model and opening orders, OnePlus 9 Pro went on sale worldwide. Moreover, it also has a gift!


Shortly after its introduction, OnePlus 9, which was astonishing with sales figures, even within seconds, finally got its brother. The OnePlus 9 Pro is now available worldwide (in many, if not all, countries). The device attracted all the attention with its price of £ 829. So which countries put the device on the market?

In which countries is the OnePlus 9 Pro available for sale?

More official sales of the device have begun in many countries, especially in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. You can even refer to some tertiary websites to obtain the device rather than their official vendor. However, I have to say that if you live in Germany and want to buy the device via Amazon, you have to wait at least 7 days. Because the company itself reports that it will start deliveries within 7 days at the earliest after the orders.

The product is still in the pre-order stage in America and Canada stores. In fact, it also has an advantage that it cannot be eaten. OnePlus Buds Z Steven Harrington Edition headphones will be given as a gift next to the device to users who pre-order the product until Thursday! The sound performance of these headphones, which look very stylish in design, is also very satisfactory. I’m sure users won’t want to miss this.

It is necessary to return to the device, and the Pro model sold out like its sibling. The device is out of stock in India official stores. If you live in India and want to buy this device, your only option will be to apply to Amazon again. In addition, the device is still not available in many European countries and it seems that it will not.

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We hope the OnePlus side will further accelerate its efforts to spread across the world to satisfy its users. We look forward to the feedback of the device!


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