OnePlus’s new flagship models, OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, have appeared with the news of the update. The OnePlus gear comes on 9.


OnePlus’s new flagship models, OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, were introduced recently. A surprise update was released today for these models, which are not available for sale yet. The company, which gives the signals that it will keep the job tight about updating, resolves the errors in the system with this update.

The update with the build number offered over OTA fixes Bluetooth problems, improves performance, improves system stability and network functions.

The camera experience is also expected to be much better. Some users stated that they experienced a delay while taking pictures. It is said that this problem with the shutter is also resolved with the update.

The colors are also expected to improve, as this is the main point of the Hasselblad partnership for now. Stabilization is also said to get better. In addition, brightness and accent control for night shooting now work smoother. We can say that this update, which also improves HDR, completely solves the main problems of the phone.


Issues fixed by update

  • Charging stability optimized
  • The UI appearance of the notification bar has been optimized
  • Other known issues fixed and system stability improved
  • Video shooting fluidity optimized
  • Noise and white balance issues optimized with the rear camera
  • Rear camera night brightness and accent control optimized
  • Color performance of Pro mode has been optimized
  • Bluetooth compatibility issues fixed
  • Stability of telecommunications functions improved
  • WLAN transmission performance and stability improved
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