OnePlus 9T News: More information came today about OnePlus’ affordable monster, the OnePlus 9T. It looks like the phone will be like the 9 Pro.


OnePlus is launching its T series smartphones in the third quarter of the year you know. New information has emerged today about the OnePlus 9T, which will be introduced in the 3rd quarter of 2021. It seems that some features in the 9 Pro model will also be included in the 9T model.

OnePlus 9T features are starting to appear!

According to a reporter on Weibo; OnePlus’ affordable monster 9T will have a Samsung E4 AMOLED display developed with LTPO technology. This screen is said to have FHD+ resolution and 120Hz variable refresh rate support. This screen is expected to drop down to 1 Hz when not in use.

It is not yet known whether Hasselblad lenses will take place in the 9T, which is expected to resemble the main models in terms of design. According to our estimations, the partnership between Hasselblad and OnePlus will continue in this model, and at least we will see Hasselblad in the main lens.

OnePlus, which has not officially entered the Turkish market, will use either the soon-to-be-announced Snapdragon 888 Lite or Snapdragon 870 chipset in its new model. If the company wants to further reduce the price, it can also choose the processor for the Snapdragon 7xx series. On the RAM side, it is considered certain to include 6 GB and 8 GB options.

The company, which entered our lives as a price / performance monster, then produced phones that forced the 999 dollar band, seems to take a break from this policy for a while. Because, unfortunately, OnePlus cannot show much presence in the face of its Chinese competitors, which follow an aggressive price policy in the global market. We hope the company will reduce the prices and enter our country as soon as possible.


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