OnePlus and Google are making an important collaboration for Wear OS development.It turned out that the OnePlus and Google duo are making a collaboration for Wear OS.

In a statement by One Plus CEO, Pete Lau, it is stated that the two companies are working to improve Wear OS and how the system communicates with Android smartphones and Android TVs. Thus, it is stated that this improvement in communication between devices will increase the interoperability between different platforms. However, how this will be achieved is not yet known.

Pete Lau underlines that Wear OS definitely has room to improve. What is being done is said to be working with Google to improve connectivity between the Wear OS ecosystem, Android TV, and Android smartphones to increase better interoperability in ecosystems. Lau underlines that Google is also very positive about this.

It is not possible to say that this means that OnePlus smartwatches will support Wear OS. Still, it is possible that we will see a collaboration in the near future, as both companies are working closely to develop a platform. We can also see some important improvements in Wear OS.


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