OnePlus Buds Pro will be a headset targeting the upper segment. OnePlus has made the date for its next true wireless earbuds.


OnePlus is expanding its line of headphones. Earlier, the company announced that it will unveil the Nord 2 model on July 22, this time a headphone announcement came. OnePlus Buds Pro will be another product that the brand will announce at its event next week.

OnePlus also shared an official image for the headset with an in-ear design. Here, it is seen that the headset has a glossy-coated body and other parts have a matte finish. Buds Pro will have three microphones to isolate outside noise. According to the company’s statement, the headset will be able to intelligently block noise from 15db to 40db.

The company, which has been working on Buds Pro since July 2020, states that this headset is not the product of a OnePlus / OPPO integration. OnePlus also adds that the headset will be a truly flagship-level wireless audio device with active noise canceling and other high-end features.

Buds Pro will offer up to 38 hours of battery life with active noise canceling turned off and up to 28 hours when turned on. The company just didn’t reveal details about the headphones’ standalone battery life. On the other hand, Buds Pro will be able to offer 10 hours of use with a 10-minute charge. The ear cup will also come with Qi-wireless charging and will only be able to charge at 2 watts. Wired charging speed will be 10 watts.

According to CNET, the earphones will be similar in design and size to Apple’s AirPods Pro. It will come in matte black and the body will have a glossy metallic finish. A non-conductive vacuum metallization technology was used to achieve a metallic appearance on the plastic body surface. The matte finish on the body reset will make it less slippery and more resistant to sweat and dust.


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