OnePlus continues to grow day by day in the smartphone market. The Chinese manufacturer first started to attract attention with smartphones that it launched for the upper segment. Recently, this interest has increased enormously, causing the Chinese manufacturer to spread more to the market. The company, which does not leave this interest unanswered, continues to expand its product range. It seems that the Chinese manufacturer continues to increase the trust and appreciation of its users day by day. Because, according to the review, the smartphone sales of the Chinese manufacturer reached very high figures during the pandemic process.



A study about the US smartphone market has been published by Counterpoint Research analysts. According to experts, the Chinese manufacturer was the only manufacturer to increase its smartphone sales figures during the pandemic process. Pocketnow also stated that the company has increased its smartphone shipments by 163%.

At the same time, there was a 15% decrease in the total smartphone market in the USA during the pandemic period. Consequently, Apple experienced a 3% decrease in smartphone sales, while Samsung experienced a 5% decrease in smartphone sales. In addition, other manufacturers’ smartphone sales fell by LG 19%, Alcatel 25%, Motorola 57%, Google 66% and Coolpad 80%. These figures have already caused smartphone manufacturers to adjust their financial performance for the next year.

Experts also announced that the average price of high-end smartphones is constantly increasing in 2020. In particular, the iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S20 models were affected by this price increase. However, OnePlus’ top segment smartphones had a more affordable price tag than their competitors. This made the Chinese manufacturer attractive for smartphone users.

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In 2021, the Chinese manufacturer is expected to introduce three new smartphone models. It is also expected to introduce new smart watch models and new members of the affordable Nord series. According to estimates, Nord series devices will have screens with high refresh rate and will also have 5G support.


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