PPO, realme, Vivo, iQOO and OnePlus are all companies managed by Chinese BBK Holding. Each company has its own autonomy. OnePlus announced that one of these manufacturers, who have made progress with their own CEOs and their own R&D centers, combined their R&D investments with the OnePlus OPPO brand.



As you know, OnePlus company was founded in 2013 by a group of engineers who supposedly left OPPO. The OnePlus brand, which changed the industry drastically with the OnePlus One they launched in the market in 2014, called it the “flagship killer” for its phones. Over time, OnePlus has turned into a flagship waiting for its “killer” rather than being the flagship killer.

OnePlus a manufacturer is prepared to enter the market in Turkey. In 2020 pandemic was not going to meet the changing dynamics in the marketplace OnePlus OnePlus but because the formal commencement of the sale as the market seems to be hanging in Turkey 2021. Although one of the first details that comes to mind as to whether the merger of OnePlus and OPPO’s R&D is one of the first details that comes to mind at this point, it will not be so if you ask us. Because the OnePlus R&D team was declared to have autonomy in the OPPO R&D building. So if you look at the fact of this merger, we can say that it is like taking your older brother to a neighborhood fight.

As you know, Carl Pei, the company’s top executive and co-founder, left OnePlus in October last year. There is a change in the company; but where will the job go? We will see this together …

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