OnePlus TV seems to dethrone Samsung and Xiaomi. The smartphone manufacturer will scare its competitors with OnePlus televisions.


The company, which is preparing to make a name in the smart watch market, now comes up with television models. The company, which will rival brands such as Samsung and Xiaomi, seems to be successful. The famous brand, which is well-known with its phone models in our country, continues to develop itself in terms of technology. While the company is developing itself, it does not neglect to introduce new products. OnePlus TV will scare its rivals with its 1080p camera. Google Duo support for the TV model will also appear.

The company, which works on its own television models, caught our radar with the upcoming new television model. The device, which uses a very high camera on its new television and will offer users the opportunity to watch 4K television, will scare the competitors.

OnePlus TV will come with 1080p camera and 4K image quality

Announcing the new Y series television models in the past days, the company used 40-inch screens in these televisions. According to the information received today, the famous brand will soon be presenting the U1S TV series on India. This television, which will have a 4K resolution, will also have a 1080p camera. The new television will come in three different variants, 50, 55 and 65 inches. The television series with a maximum screen refresh rate of 60Hz has 33W power output. The TV series with Dynaudio speakers will be introduced soon.


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