OnePlus, one of the powerful companies of BBK Holding, which has been aiming to introduce its own smart watch to the market for a long time, will synthesize the “Watch” model with Google’s Wear OS. The company, which has a unique audience and produced only upper segment phones until 2020, came out with a few mid-segment models this year. Investing in the sector with its headphones, OnePlus will soon gain power with its smart watch.

Unlike other smartwatches, the OnePlus Watch, which we know very little about, is seen as a key for the company to achieve its success in phones in the wearable technology market. The clock developed in this direction was voiced by the company’s CEO, Pete Lau. Lau announced that the new smartwatch will come with Google Wear OS.

“We are working with Google to make the best connection between Wear OS, Android phones and Android TVs,” he said in an interview. It gives the green light on Google. ” Pete Lau said that he could not give more information about the watch. Apart from these, there is no information revealed by the company, we can say that the new smart watch will be introduced in 2021.

So what do you think about Wear OS? What advantages does this operating system, which is also included in the OPPO Watch, over the operating systems of other manufacturers? We are waiting your comments.


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