The Chinese firm plans to launch its next cheap smartphone for the European and Indian markets.

The world of smartphones keeps receiving updates. We are not only talking about new components, but also about the arrival of new smartphones that in the case of some companies come out every few months. But this is in isolated cases, especially from China where we are going to stay before the arrival of the new cheap OnePlus phones for Europe and India.

OnePlus wants to launch new products only for Europe and India

Chinese companies know that in Europe there are many users pending their latest releases. You just have to look at Xiaomi, which has a great community spread around the world. But this is not the only brand that predominates in the market, there are others that also attract attention such as OnePlus, which has plans for its next releases.

The company has focused on the launch of top phones to attract the most demanding users and it seems that the mid and low range has been left unattended. This is why OnePlus will launch new budget phones very soon. The curious thing about this maneuver is that they will only be available in Europe and India in the first instance, as announced by the firm on its corporate blog. They also haven’t forgotten their North American fans whom he mentions will arrive in the near future.

OnePlus Lite Z, the possible name of the terminal

Today’s companies seek that expectation to attract the public. A dose of mystery never hurts and that is what OnePlus is doing with its next cheap terminal. This could be called the OnePlus Lite Z, a name with which the firm has baptized an official account on Instagram. At the moment there are few publications that he has made about the device, but there is one detail that makes the difference.

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Of the four posts published so far there is one of them that is different from the rest and is written in Morse. Yes, the binary code used to send messages is for OnePlus to play with fans, and in this case it has brought forward a date that could be the presentation of the device. At the moment they have only given the month that will be July, so the presentation is imminent.

Some who have commented on the publication point to the second of July and others to the tenth, but to the profile has answered in several cases that this is a very juicy track.

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