WE ALREADY HAVE LIGHTSTICK TO SUPPORT OUR BOYS at shows or watching their amazing music videos!

Now, ONF has shared a preview of its next lightstick, which will be launched in 2021.

In addition to giving FUSE a glimpse of the beautiful new light stick, the ONF group joked about the preview release

“ONF & FUSE! A clock that transcends time, and 8: 03… when the sound of FUSE’s screams started to shine together with the lights, the gears that had stopped moving again “

Although unfortunately we were not given details of the price or when it will be released with the specific date, the good thing is that at least we can already start saving to have this beautiful and aesthetic lightstick.

What do you think of the new ONF lightsitck design? Write in the comments what you think of the design of this lightstick!


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