According to the crypto research company Messari; If institutions reserve a single digit low portfolio percentage for Bitcoin, the price could reach $ 50,000.

Ryan Watkins of crypto research company Messari did a research on the possible impact of institutions on Bitcoin price. Examining the figures, Watkins stated that if the institutions allocate only 1 percent of their portfolio to Bitcoin, the market value of the biggest crypto money will exceed 1 trillion dollars.

Famous investor Paul Tudor Jones recently announced that he invested in Bitcoin and said it was 1-2 percent of its existence. Moving from here, Watkins; He predicts that a small percentage of foundations, retirement funds and other funds such as wealth management will allocate to BTC will provide a new $ 480 billion entry to the Bitcoin market. The researcher believes that such a money inflow could ultimately lead to a total market value of $ 1 trillion. This means that the price of each Bitcoin is traded at $ 50,000.

Watkins also said, “Bitcoin may not need institutions to succeed. But the truth is that success as a store of value is measured by price. If Bitcoin will be a globally adopted, non-dominant value store, it must persuade institutional investors to invest their money. ” says.

Especially, 2020 is a year in which corporate investors are involved more than ever before. For example, the US-based Kingdom Trust company, which has a $ 13 billion asset under its management in the past few weeks, has opened a retirement account that also supports Bitcoin. On the other hand, with the Fidelity research, it was revealed that the crypto ownership of the institutions increased significantly compared to the previous year.


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