The new Disney pixar film “Onward” has been banned in several Middle Eastern countries due to a reference to a lesbian relationship. Last month it was revealed that the film would feature the lesbian character of Pixar.

According to the deadline report, officials in Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have banned the movie from their cinemas due to a specific reference to a same-sex relationship.

The scene in question refers to the two main characters in the movie, who are having a conversation about fatherhood with two female police officers.

The character Specter, in the voice of Lena Waithe, comments: “It’s not easy being a new father, my girlfriend’s daughter made me tear my hair, okay?”

In addition to the movie being banned completely in a handful of Middle Eastern countries, cinemas in Russia will censor the scene and change from “girlfriend” to “partner.”

“Onward” premiered on March 6 of this year.


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