Opera also joined the caravan of internet browsers that offer support for the Apple M1 processor.

Opera Software announced that the Opera web browser now natively supports the Apple M1 processor. The company states that this makes Opera 2 times faster than the previous version. The latest version of the browser also allows users to create custom keyboard shortcuts and access various features of Opera much faster.

Last November, Apple released several new Mac models that came with the new ARM-based Apple M1 processor. With the transition from Intel processors, Apple introduced a compatibility layer called Rosetta 2 that will allow programs designed for Intel processors to run on the Apple M1. Mozilla has added M1 support for Firefox from the beginning, and Google has added support for Chrome. Opera has now gained support for the M1.

Another feature that comes with the Opera update is the ability to create custom shortcuts that allow you to easily access Player, Flow and Crypto Wallet. To set the shortcuts, you need to click the three dots icon at the bottom of the sidebar, then click the three dots icon next to the feature and select the Configure Shortcuts option.

The latest version of Opera was released for Windows, macOS and Linux. It is also possible to go to Update and Recovery and update with Check for Updates.


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