Opera app for iOS is getting some changes in its third anniversary. Opera Touch will now be available on the App Store under the name Opera.

Opera is going through some changes in the third year of its iOS application. The company is changing the name of the application as one of the most obvious changes. The company, which is located in the application store under the name of Opera Touch, will now use only the name Opera.

Third year of the Opera app for iOS
The browser, which went through some changes in its third year, also changes the color of its logo with the name change. The purple icon in Opera Touch gets its standard red color with the changed name.

The app brings a new look to the bottom bar and quick action button. The minimalist lines that Opera has been implementing for a while are trying to be continued by changing the diagonal background and removing the shadows in the elements.

Opera said its iOS user base had increased by over 65% in the last 12 months through February. The updated application has started to be offered to users as of today. It may take some time for it to be accessible to all users.


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