Opera’s player-oriented internet browser Opera GC mobile, one of the new members of player-oriented services that appear in almost every product or platform, is coming to mobile.

Opera’s browser Opera GX, one of the world’s first player-focused internet browsers, was announced for mobile devices and the beta process started.

Opera GX Mobile Coming

The player-focused browser Opera GX, which was opened in 2019, is now available on mobile devices, even if it is an early access version. Android owners can test it here, iOS owners can download the app here. Let us state that the application is still in beta and there may be errors.

When we take a brief look at the mobile version of Opera GX, we can see that it has a variety of color options as in the regular version. Also, as in the normal version, free games are shown on the home page and there are breaking news according to your interests.

It must be said that Opera GX is extremely useful on desktop devices. You can now connect your computer to your mobile device with the QR code on the desktop browser.


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