An operator in the U.S. bought Lamborghini Huracan using the government’s credit support package. Applying for a loan of 4 million dollars by making a false statement, the operator took the collar when he made the vehicle on himself and his company. Experts say the operator can serve 70 years in prison.

The coronavirus epidemic, which occurred in Wuhan, China and was a problem all over the world, affected life worldwide. The fact that people cannot leave their homes due to the pandemic has put almost every country in a difficult situation, especially in terms of economy. As such, governments have created various support packages to prevent layoffs and keep the economy alive.

In this context, one of the countries that announced packages was the USA. The US government has supported employers to pay their salaries under a package called “Salary Support Program”. A 29-year-old operator, David T. Hines, also took out a $ 4 million loan to pay for his employees. However, Hines used this money to buy himself a Lamborghini instead of paying his employees’ salaries.

Hines, who lived in Miami, made the loan application in April. Stating that he has four separate businesses and more than 70 employees, Hines stated that his monthly expenditure was 4 million dollars and demanded such a large amount of money from the government. Hines, whose loan application was approved, did not distribute this money to its employees. Hines’ choice was Lamborghini Huracan.

According to the allegations, Hines has not only applied for a monthly loan. According to the information obtained, Hines’ total loan application has reached 13.5 million dollars. Hines, who lived a luxury life with the money he received from the state until May 18, took the collar when he registered the Huracan he bought on his own and his business. Realizing the situation, the authorities realized that most of Hines’ statements were erroneous.

Two businesses are indifferent, monthly expenditure is 200 thousand dollars, not 4 million dollars

The authorities, who started an investigation on Hines, determined that the operator is not four, but two businesses, and the other two are indifferent. In addition, Hines’ monthly expense was much lower than $ 4 million. According to the determinations, Hines’ monthly expense was actually 200 thousand dollars.

The 29-year-old operator filed a lawsuit against this incident; is tried on charges of fraud, illegal processing and false reporting. Experts state that Hines can receive up to 70 years in prison as a result of this case. It is not known at the moment when the case will be concluded and what the verdict will be given to Hines.


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