OPPO A94 is certified by getting certified. Many of the strongest smartphone manufacturers today are from China. Chinese manufacturers, which offer users high performance especially with their affordable smartphones, also manage to gain the appreciation of the users. The cutthroat competition in the smartphone industry is getting even more hot with the new models introduced. This time, OPPO, one of the strongest smartphone manufacturers, will intensify this competition by making an assertive entry into the middle segment.



The Chinese manufacturer’s new device, model name CPH2203, was approved by IMDA in Singapore two weeks ago. Later, it became certain that the device would bear the name OPPO A94 by obtaining the NBTC certificate.

The device has also been approved by the CQC in China. CQC has confirmed that the device will have 30W charging and 4G support. In addition, a new device with 6GB of RAM and Android11 ​​version, powered by the MediaTek Helio P95 chipset on Geekbench, also showed itself recently. It is claimed that this device is OPPO A94.

The Chinese manufacturer will have a 6.2-inch LCD display in its new model. The power key with fingerprint reader will be located on the right side of the device. The volume on-off keys will be placed on the left side. The device will feature a 4-camera array, just like the Reno 4 lite model. This is all that is known about OPPO’s new model for now. With these features, will OPPO be able to stand out from its competitors in the middle segment with its new model? This is a great curiosity.


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