Oppo also joins the trend of mini tracking devices that allow you to keep track of your valuables from the phone. The company will soon announce its own tracking device.

Apple’s tracking device AirTag, which has been on the agenda for a long time, has not yet seen the day, but competitors have already been on the market. Oppo is next to Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag tracking device.

What will the Oppo tracking device offer?
Images of the design, which Oppo patented in May with a Bluetooth-based smart locator identification, hit the internet this week. As expected, this patent belongs to a tracking device.

The name of the tracking device is not yet known, but it has dimensions of 4cmx4cm. Its exterior looks like the Oppo Watch box. In one of its corners there seems to be a hole for attaching a key ring.

The Oppo tracking device seems to be based on Bluetooth connectivity like the Galaxy SmartTag. Thanks to new developments, Bluetooth technology is able to detect location more precisely, but UWB technology is a little ahead in this sense.

Ultra Wide Band – UWB technology, which can transfer data with high bandwidth in a short distance, makes the location determination more precise. Apple AirTag device will be able to detect more precisely based on UWB technology. Samsung also announced that it will announce another UWB-based tracking device during the year. Oppo is expected to introduce its new tracker with the Find X3 flagship.


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