A Chinese blogger leaked important news for OPPO and Vivo at the Tipster’s stop, Weibo. Completing their preparations for foldable phones, these two technology giants will soon go into mass production. For now, only information about the size of the phones has been leaked.



One of the phones will have an 8-inch flexible display and the other will have a 7-inch flexible display. Both screens will be folded inward like a book. Tipster also stated that the 7-inch panel started mass production earlier this year, in January, and will be announced soon.

According to Weibo’s bloggers; The Vivo foldable smartphone will come with an impressive hinge design for its 8-inch flexible display. It is estimated that the refresh rate will be high. The folded form is predicted to be 6.5 inches. On the other hand, many bloggers claim that other Chinese companies are also doing this for competition, as Xiaomi recently launched its first foldable smartphone.

In other words, we can expect the foldable smartphone market to increase in competition later this year, which could also mean that prices will become competitive and the prices of such high-end devices will also drop. We will share it with you, our dear readers, as details about phones emerge in the near future.


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