Chinese technology giant OPPO demonstrated its true wireless charging technology with the OPPO X model, which is at the concept stage. This technology is very popular.



OPPO showed off its OPPO X 2021 foldable concept phone with OLED display at INNO DAY last year. Today, the Chinese giant MWC 2021 demonstrated in Shanghai, OPPO’s new wireless charging technology that can provide up to 7.5W of charging power without cables or charging stand. OPPO seems to be revolutionizing with true wireless charging technology.


OPPO will make a difference with wireless charging technology

As you can see in the video below, it uses magnetic resonance technology. For this reason, OPPO X 2021 starts charging as soon as it comes within 10 cm of the charging mat, which can provide charging power up to 7.5 W. You can even play games while charging the phone.

Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge technology, announced last month, was working even if the phone was a few meters away. However, it may take years for Xiaomi’s technology to reach the end user. That’s why OPPO’s solution seems more logical.

He said that he has filed 122 new patents for OPPO X 2021, 12 of which were for an entirely new folding mechanism.

OPPO’s foldable phones will use a specially developed Roll Motor powertrain that uses two drive motors to extend and retract smoothly without too much pressure on the high-end screen.


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