The video emerged before the OPPO Find X3 Pro was introduced. So what will the phone offer us? Let’s watch it together. Something bad is coming, folks …


OPPO will introduce us to the new generation Find X3 family on March 11th. As you know, with OPPO Find 7, two new flagships started to be launched on the market. This situation continued in the Find X series, and we saw a Find X Lamborghini Edition with Find X. Then, last year we saw the Find X2 and Find X2 Pro models. This year it seems that; OPPO will appear with a single flagship model. It will also be the OPPO Find X3 Pro model

Today, OPPO showed off its new phone with an advertisement video. It is interesting that the phone came across this way before the introduction. Because we can see all the details. There is a quad camera structure on the back. As you can imagine, there is no clear information on this yet, but we will be faced with a very ambitious phone on the camera side. Let’s watch the video published by OPPO together.


OPPO Find X3 Pro camera features

We see that there will be a quad camera structure at the back. The main camera will be a 50 megapixel new generation Sony IMX766 sensor. However, the ultra wide angle lens that comes with the Sony IMX766 50 megapixel lens is used again. In other words, when switching to a wide angle lens, it is prevented from taking bad photos. However, a 3 megapixel macro lens will be available on the phone and this macro lens will also have the power of 25x zoom. So we’re going to get a kind of microscope. The fourth camera will be the 13-megapixel telephoto lens we saw on the Find X2 Pro. We learn how many mm it will be worth at launch.

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Find X2 Pro Other Features
However, the other features on the phone will be as follows.

  • 1 billion color dual primary cameras
  • 1 billion colors display
  • 120Hz screen scan rate
  • Ip68 certificate, 60x microlens camera
  • 30 watt wireless charging support
  • 65 watt fast charging support
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset
  • ColorOS 11.2 based on Android 11
  • AI scene enhancement
  • Cinema mode


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