OPPO, which continues to draw attention with its phones, will present the upcoming OPPO Find X3 with three different prices.



OPPO, which released the Android 11 update for the A93 phone model and made its users smile, will soon launch a new phone model. The technology brand that allows us to experience brand new features by offering updates to its phones recently will be back in the coming days with the new phone, OPPO Find X3. The company, which is preparing for the official opening, will present the device in three different ways. The phone model, which is not known to have a price tag, came up with a leak today. The leak is also considered as a guess.

While the Find X3 Neo, Find X3 Lite and Find X3 pro, which will be introduced on March 11, continue to be eagerly awaited by millions of technology enthusiasts, it has begun to be predicted how the devices will come out with a price tag. We have reached the predictions made in the depths of the Internet and we wanted to inform you of these developments. While the estimates made were euro-based, it was once again expressed with the comments that the users were waiting for the new phone series for a long time.

Pricing Forecast for OPPO Find X3 Series

The phone series, which is known to come up with different color variants, seems to have very affordable price tags abroad. The Lite version, which is the lowest phone of the series, will appear with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. While the Lite model has blue and black options, the price estimate was made between 400 euro and 500 euro. The Neo model, on the other hand, has a price estimate of 700 euros – 800 euros in addition to 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. The best phone of the series will come up with black, blue, white and orange options. The model, which is known to have 256GB of storage in addition to 12GB of RAM, will be in the price range of 1000 euro – 1200 euro.


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