There has been a great lack of innovation in the smartphone market lately. When we look at today, flagship phones also have an in-screen camera hole; The middle segment phones also have the same camera design. The camera structures on the back are also increasingly similar. At this point, he has been expressing his desire to enter the OPPO Foldable Phone market in order to make a difference.


We even encountered the OPPO X 2021 model at the OPPO Inno Day 2020 event. Immediately afterwards, we encountered another model called Slide Phone, which is a new foldable phone. Today, OPPO and Tom Ford (fashion brand) announced that they are working on a new foldable phone by joining forces. Actually, this is not an official announcement, but you will appreciate the image below; an image leaked by the manufacturer. We have been in this industry long enough to know this.

When we look at the phone, we see a fabric covered surface in the leather and camera part. It has a triple camera structure. This structure also reminded us of the Galaxy Note 9 series. However, we see that the design of the phone will have an oyster design as you can imagine. In other words, a design in the same style of Moto RAZR and Galaxy Z Flip awaits us. This design concept seems to be the most accurate design.

OPPO will not make this phone only with Tom Ford. We think that the normal versions of this will also be available for sale. OPPO is coming to dominate this market seriously with its new generation foldable phones; don’t say he didn’t say …


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