After the evolution of phones, there is now a revolution in charging technologies. While Xiaomi’s completely wireless charging technology is saying 125 Watt fast charging technologies, it has been officially announced that a breakthrough from Chinese OPPO will be made. OPPO officially announced today that it will introduce a new interactive charging technology during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2021 event on February 23, 2021. It seems that there will be a lot of talk with OPPO charging technology.



In the Weibo post known as China’s Twitter; The smartphone manufacturer has announced that it will reveal new technology in the charging technology ecosystem. However, no clue was given as to how this technology will be. According to estimates, completely wireless charging technology will come from OPPO. As you know before, Motorola and Xiaomi introduced remote wireless charging technologies. It is stated that OPPO can show us such a technology. Or the company will introduce new charging technologies of 125W or more (165W) at the MWC event.

OPPO has been forcing fast charging technology for years with 65W charging technology, especially in smartphones in various price ranges. Unfortunately, we have to wait for the details of the technology that will come from OPPO. This announcement would not have been made before the event had it not been for OPPO’s new charging technologies to be a major innovation. Therefore, expectations from the Chinese technology giant are quite high.

At the MWC 2021 event, companies other than OPPO are now expected to showcase their innovations. Especially in the last months, attacks are expected to come from the Vivo front. Xiaomi side will also take part in this event. Xiaomi’s new technologies will also be exhibited at the MWC event.


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