Oppo, one of the Chinese smartphone manufacturers, has patented an unusual selfie camera technology that will make it easier to take pictures from different angles.

Although most smartphone manufacturers are trying to diversify the design of their devices in some way, the front camera layout of most of them is of the same standard. Some have a drop or notch, but some companies are also looking to create different solutions. Oppo also continued this trend and got a patent for an unorthodox front camera technology.

Will be powered by a miniature engine
As stated in the patent, this front camera is designed to move from one edge of the top panel to the other. It seems that the idea is simple, but the patent disclosure takes up to 33 pages. The idea of ​​implementing such a camera was explained as making it easier to take photos from different angles.

Such a camera will be powered by a miniature engine, but only when the camera application is activated. In addition, it will be possible to obtain three-dimensional images of objects with the help of such a camera and special software. In addition to all these, it is stated that this selfie camera technology can be used in portrait mode and for taking panoramic photos, and can be taken as an example by other companies.


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