OPPO will announce the new cooperation in the field of charging, the achievements in 5G technologies and the innovations in wireless charging at the Mobile World Congress, which will be held in Shanghai between 23-25 ​​February.

OPPO, the world’s leading smartphone brand, gave clues about the innovations it will introduce at the Mobile World Congress (MWCS 2021), which will be held in Shanghai between February 23-25. OPPO, together with its partners, will announce the results of its new tests in the 5G field, while also announcing new developments in smartphone designs, internet of things and charging technologies.

Faster charging for everyone
Leading the field of fast charging since launching VOOC technology in 2014, OPPO will showcase the new wireless charging technology using the groundbreaking expandable concept smartphone model OPPO X 2021 and VOOC using the latest developments in fast charging. Most exciting will be the unveiling of a global initiative aimed at bringing easy and fast device charging to all areas of daily life. MWCS offers the chance to reach more people through more devices than ever before by announcing innovations and collaborations that will carry the ecosystem into the future.

The possibilities of 5G
After several successful trials in 2020, visitors will be able to see a live demonstration of the 5G mmWave speed test that will form the basis of OPPO’s next-generation 5G applications at the China Unicom booth. OPPO’s 5G CPE technology transforms 5G signals into incredibly fast Wi-Fi connections. 5G CPE is making high-speed connectivity a reality for the smart homes of the future by working with leading industry partners like Ericsson and developing two custom antenna solutions.

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William Liu, OPPO Head of Global Marketing, said: “The possibilities for OPPO are limitless. At Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2021, we will showcase our next-generation charging technology and reveal how OPPO expands its footprint from smartphones to multiple industry sectors. “


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