OPPO Watch 2  News: The Chinese giant, the world’s fourth largest phone maker, has caught our radar today with the OPPO Watch 2 smartwatch model.


OPPO, the fourth largest phone manufacturer in the smartphone world, will cut money with its smart watches. In the news we made yesterday, the Chinese giant, which we mentioned that it has reached the title of the fourth largest phone manufacturer in the world, is right behind Xiaomi. Chinese companies that surround the smartphone world are the subject of our news with good developments. As you may remember, we mentioned that the company is trying to make a name for itself with smart watch models, and we mentioned that it launched smart watches for the first time last year. OPPO Watch 2 came up with its features today.

The smart watch model, which we came across last year, is getting ready to make a name for itself with its second version this year. The smart watch, which has many features, including its processor, is preparing to cause fear to its competitors.

OPPO Watch 2 Coming With Snapdragon Wear 4100

The smart clock, which will have 16GB of storage, will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor. The smart watch, which is stated to work with the ColorOS operating system, will have Android 8.1. The smartwatch, which will be launched in China for the first time, will also have a different variant in China. The old version was released with 8GB. The second smart watch will appear before users with 16GB of storage. It is stated that the device, which will have additional features such as new watch faces, stress detection function and a new OPPO Relax application, may also come with e-SIM support.


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