OPPO Watch has started receiving the latest update released by Google for its Wear OS platform starting today. With the update code for Wear OS H-MR2, OPPO has improved the Watch’s battery performance, as well as a few minor changes.

OPPO Watch increased battery and system performance in new update

The autumn update released by Google to the Wear OS platform, developed for wearable devices, provided advantages for Wear OS devices, especially in terms of performance. This week, Google’s new Wear OS update has begun to roll out for OPPO Watch users. The update, codenamed Wear OS H-MR2, brings some tweaks to the OPPO Watch.

The most important innovation brought by the Wear OS H-MR2 update, which has been available since this week, seems to be the increase in battery performance. An OPPO Watch user, who said that he made the update on Reddit, drew attention to the fact that his watch lasted for two days and added that the system performance increased.

Apparently, it seems that the optimization made by Google on the Wear OS platform will satisfy OPPO Watch users with the additional efforts of OPPO. By the way, what the Wear OS H-MR2 update brings to OPPO Watch is of course not limited to these. OPPO also introduced brand new watch faces to users in its new Wear OS update. Users will also be able to access new watch faces as soon as they install the update.

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Another change that the update brings is that the sleep tracking feature can now work at any time of the day. OPPO Watch has offered automatic sleep tracking support since its launch, but until this time it only worked at certain times. So if you wanted to track sleep, you could only track your sleep between 8pm and 10am.

This problem, which many users complained about, was finally fixed with the Wear OS H-MR2 update. Now, with OPPO Watch, you can track sleep at any time of the day.

OPPO Watch technical specifications

Display (46 mm): 1.91 inch 402 × 476 pixels
Screen (41mm): 1.6 inches 320 × 360 pixels
Chipset: Snapdragon Wear 3100 and Ambiq Micro Apollo3 Wireless SoC
Operating system: Wear OS
Bluetooth version: 4.2
NFC: Yes

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