OPPO, which has a very good position in the smartphone market, attracts attention not only in the mobile phone market but also with its ecosystem products, and the manufacturer, especially with its design, steals the hearts of users with its smart watch OPPO Watch. The Chinese manufacturer is here today with the good news of OPPO Watch update.



Well, if you ask what is offered to us with the update. In short, let’s share the update content with you title by title. Because with this update, OPPO Watch becomes more useful.


What Features Has OPPO Watch Updated with

Before the update came, 13 different clock interfaces were offered to us. This was quite a small number, and OPPO offers 10 more watch faces with updates. If you ask us, it’s still a small number. However, with the artificial intelligence supported system of OPPO Watch, you can match the watch interfaces according to the clothes you wear. We shared how this is done in the review video below.

“Sleep Mode” in OPPO Watch will now also have a “Do Not Disturb” option. For this, it will be possible for you to sleep comfortably all night by automatically activating the “Do Not Disturb” mode in the “Sleep” section. We also recommend that you put your smart watch in “Movie Mode” before going to bed. Because the clock will not open the night screen unwantedly.

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The new ‘Power Saving Mode’ will automatically switch your watch to ‘Power Saving Mode’ when the battery level drops below 5 percent to provide a longer battery life. Users who do not want to use this feature will be able to turn off this setting by coming to the System via Settings and using the Battery option here. Let us point out that we need more updates on the battery side. It should also be reminded that the battery of OPPO Watch goes around 1 day in normal use.

Finally, the New Storage Screen feature is offered to users with the update. Again, it will be possible to check the remaining storage space of the watch from the About option by coming to the System through settings. This was one of the shortcomings.


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