OPPO is looking for a new innovation on the screen side. The company’s latest patents show that OPPO will again make a difference for the second screen.



When it comes to OPPO screen technologies, which is one of the first brands that come to mind when it comes to innovation in the mobile world, we can say that the OPPO X 2021 model revealed the most striking approach. Brand new patents appearing at CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Office) show that OPPO wants to bring a different understanding of the situation at the point of the second screen.


Very Different Again on the OPPO Screen Side

When we look at the remaining images from the patent application, it is seen that a second screen is placed inside the camera module on the back of the phone. The placement of the camera, LED flash and second screen is symmetrical rather than random. We already know that OPPO takes such small but important details into account.


The second screen, which is placed in a circular form inside the circular camera module, can be used as a viewfinder to take a selfie. This also eliminates the need for a front camera. When looking at the front view of the phone, the front camera does not stand out. The round screen will also act as a notification center by showing details such as notification, clock and calendar.

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The phone, which has a curved screen when viewed from the front, has the Type-C port, speaker grille and the SIM tray at the bottom positioned as we know from OPPO phones.

It is not known when the phone will be released, but it will not be a surprise to see this design concept in the 2022 Find X series. It is time for OPPO, which has moved stones in the mobile world with Find X, to present a phone that will once again make a sound in the continuation of the series.


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