OPPO News: Chinese technology giant OPPO has reached the title of the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. The company continues to grow in the market.


The success of Chinese smartphone manufacturers continues to be reflected in the lists. Xiaomi, which has the most powerful Android phone, is currently not talking money. While the wind of Chinese companies in the smartphone market is blowing, Apple and Samsung are trying not to lose the leadership with their innovations. While Samsung continues to keep its users up to date with the updates it publishes, Apple will look for ways to reach millions with the new iPhone series. OPPO, which is among the Chinese companies, fell on the agenda like a bomb with good news. In fact, this development did not surprise us, the TeknoBurada team. Let’s take a closer look at the developments.

As you know, the leader of the smartphone industry is Samsung, the second name is Apple and the third name is Xiaomi. With the news coming today, the fourth name of the smartphone world has become clear.

OPPO World’s Fourth Largest Phone Manufacturer

The company launched its first phone model in 2008. The company, which has come up with many smart phone models since then, has been present in our country for a few years. The company, which does not lag behind its competitors with its unique phones, has now come to the fore with a great development. The company became the fourth largest phone brand in the world and made it be halal. The famous company that continues to grow successfully does not call money money.


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